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Christ Alone

May 22, 2011

“Among what God has done in my life….66 countries and counting, living in war zones, sleeping in huts, living in celebrities guest bedrooms, mapping glaciers in patagonia, sailing from bahamas to seattle the long way, tsunami relief, hurricane relief, meeting with world leaders, meeting with abandoned and abducted child soldiers, hitch hiking across the middle east and europe, loved and been loved, loved and not been loved back, overcome rejection, overcome depression, forgiven, been forgiven, been poor, been rich, seen a child’s first smile and laugh, (known, served and cried for the poor, forgotten and oppressed), the living God , sincerely loved my enemies , sacrificed, not sacrificed, Stopped worrying/caring about what the world thinks of me and my life , dreamed of a change in this world and in the hearts of people , worked/working towards this dream, given businesses, given up businesses, given up everything, been given everything…….these are a few beautiful experiences God has given me after I gave up my plans for my life and asked him for his plans for my life……I tell you this be patient with God, for Love is Patient and He loves you more than you love yourself and in my case that is a lot, but if you truly believe this then how much greater will your life be if you give it up to him, rather than compromise it to fit your plans in…..and although God has given and shown me so much none of it compares to the intimacy, peace and joy of knowing and being loved by God himself. That is the real treasure of it all” – Ethan Holub

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