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The Word vs those who throw heavy loads on our backs

May 22, 2011

“People with good intentions are willing to disobey God, not love, destroy families, friendships, churches and go against what Jesus teaches and says in the Bible to, in some perverted wrong way, think they are defending the Bible. Before paper existed the Word was and is still the heart, soul and mind of God. It was not called the “Word” because it was “words” on paper. It was known as the “Word” because it was a voice from the invisible God that was heard. “Words” from heaven. It was the definition of the character and person of the invisible creator. Jesus is that same Word in the flesh, Jesus brought the Word to us, revealed to us today by the Holy Spirit and using the church and Bible as messengers to carry that Word throughout time and space, but the paper and ink will not be sitting on a throne in heaven. God will be on a throne and Jesus also and all those messengers throughout space and time that recieved the Word, through voice or paper, and wrote it upon their hearts, through the Holy Spirit, these people will be there too. Those that fight over the Bible and destroy in Christ’s name take heed, for you can draw noone near to Him without love. For the Word is Love also, because God is love. Take heed that you are not an instrument of the Evil one, a clanging symbol. Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees for with good intentions and by defending paper they killed the Christ, they killed everything their paper pointed to and was about. They looked upon paper while the Word stood among them.” – Ethan Holub

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