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Die to self

May 23, 2011

“It’s unfortunate that Christianity and Missionary work has turned into games, bible studies, places to find a husband or wife, feel good teachings with a little outreach on top. Does the church not know there is a world without water, food, shelter, clothing and bodies being buried daily by bullets and disease? Read what Jesus really says it’s about. i’m talking about a lifetime commitment to giving up your life, dreams, desires to him out of your love for what he did and who he is that he may use your life as an instrument, a tool to bring life to those dead and dieing. You would think with so many people studying the Bible everyday around the world and with all the missionary schools in every country people would know what Jesus is about, they would know what he said and they would understand his every word, no longer just hearing and teaching what fits their life, dreams and desires. I dare you to read the Gospels again, Jesus’s every word and you tell me what it says. Cause i’m really tired of the truth being distorted to fit a false gospel that we are here on earth to study the Bible and live as kings. Look around at this war here in Uganda, Sudan and the Congo. The tool that can change this is Christ in us, the presence of God, His holy Spirit. Yeah the church. We must wake up, believe Jesus and all the Bible studying you’ve done, go out into the world and give up our lives. Did you get that? You must give up your life” – Ethan Holub

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