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God is in Reason

May 26, 2011

” It is pointless to try to reason someone out of a something that they were never reasoned into.  We stand observing physical material and think we know all. Yet all we know is constantly changing everytime we observe something new.  Without Faith there is no way for Reason, Morality and Science to come full circle and if they are not suppose to come full circle then they disappear into Faith in both directions. God’s ways are so much higher than ours. We wrestle with pain and suffering, but Pain and suffering are the payments for most wonderful things. If we realized the reality of how much awaits those who love God, we would realize every part of Life is a festival, for all who know about it. All we think we know is like a childs amazement at a square or circle, yet as we grow older it is nothing to us. We are children that think of ourselves as gods, yet we have not seen anything yet and have not thought things all the way through. This is how the depths of all our efforts, experiences and observations will compare to the beauty of God when we see what truly is reality and reason. God is in Reason. ” – Ethan Holub

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