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Wicked Hands

June 11, 2011

“I look at my hands and they are getting old, rough and wrinkled. They have seen many days and many deeds. It amazes me that God has given us any amount of days on this earth, but as I get older I see how important it is that he limited our days. We all think we have life figured out. We want to become millionaires, buy a house, car, few toys then give away our time and money without having to work. We want control. This is what most people want and because they hope to give a good chunk of the money away, they justify the desire to have the money and power.

I have found is that no matter what our lifes dream is, we want power and resources that we can have control over. We want to have lots and be the one that is in charge. Here in America people have realized that being a real King is too much work, but you can receive the same lifestyle of power through money. Therefore people run a race to reach riches and are able still to fill their ultimate desire of power by having money. As much as we hate to admit it, Men and women who want power, an easy life and authority are a majority. Probably 99% of us if not all of humanity.

Given enough time on this earth a hard working man or woman would be able to build themselves a kingdom, influence and power that would not end, if they did not end. Look at the giant banks, corporations and businesses just built in a lifetime or two. They control and have power over all of society in just a few lifetimes. Luckily God has limited mans life on this earth and those individual people inside of these organizations may not continue to build their kingdom. As others take over their spots there is much room for destruction to come to the organization, divisions and possibly a soul to step in that wants justice and goodness instead of power.

My point is really just this: We cry out how God could take our lives and not let us live forever. Our thoughts should first be why God would give us life in the first place and thank you God that our time is limited for otherwise today might be ruled by a much worse force or person. Thank you God for Justice. Thank you God for your mercy, grace and judgement.

And let us not forget that God has offered us eternal life, but the one requirement is to submit our lives and put our faith and trust in his son Jesus Christ. The beauty of this is that tyrants of earth are not eligible unless they have a change of heart. The one thing a person who desires worship, power, authority and control cannot do, is truly put their faith, future, trust into someone else’s hands.

To submit your lives unto Jesus Christ is the filter of life. Jesus is a servant who does not use his power and authority to make His life better, but instead uses it to give us mercy, grace, love, hope and a future. To give us Justice. No person who wants to rule like a king on earth would follow him and most will not. Thank you God for justice, thank you for limiting mans time here on earth. Thank you for being so good and wise.” – Ethan Holub

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