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June 12, 2011

“A servant is one who labors so that someone else may receive the benefits of their labor. A servant does not receive a paycheck or anything back from the work they do. Someone else benefits 100% from their labor. We call our restaurant industry, the service industry, because waiters and waitresses wait on us, yet this is a false definition of Servant. They receive payment.


The opposite of a servant is the one who does little or no work, yet they have set up a system to gain on behalf of another’s labor. The scary thing is that this is what our culture, schools and hearts are telling and teaching us to do in this day. We are taught how to use others that we might gain, yet Christ tells us to labor so that all the gain may go to someone other than ourselves.


Jesus said if we desire to be the greatest then we must become the servant of all. Sit on that thought, chew on it, for it makes you either deny the teachings of Christ or it must change your complete outlook, goals, dreams, purposes and action in this life. It all depends on if you truly believe Jesus Christ is who he said he is. If Jesus is the Lord of all creation and savior of the world then we must reconsider our short existence here and carefully inspect our hearts, dreams, motives and lives. I am sure that everything we do would look so much different if we discovered that we truly believed. ” – Ethan Holub

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