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War and Peace

June 14, 2011

“So almost every week I get phone calls from around the country where a friend or an acquaintance calls broken and asking for advice, help, prayer and love. The root of the issue comes down to they have no peace. They want peace but have no peace. They are going down the same dead ends of life where they have already been time and time again, only to remember that there is nothing good at that roads end. They then turn around and go back to the nearest intersection yet eventually end up back at this same dark place. They tell me they want Peace, they want joy, but like a man who looks in the mirror and walks away and then forgets what he looks like they simply cannot break this chain of events that is stealing their life, their time, their purpose, their peace.


Whether it is a bad habit, boyfriend, girlfriend, alcohol, drugs, depression, insecurity or what have you, the issue 99% of the time leads back to a strong need for self control. Though many of these people stand strong on the idea that they are free and do what they want with their life, they find that they are in fact a slave and cannot control their emotions, fleshly desires, insecurities, etc and time and time again their dreams, goals, what they really want and who they really want to be is stolen from them and by them.


If you don’t know what I mean let me give you an example: A smoker who wants to quit and wakes up everyday coughing, hacking, short of breath, with no energy, he wakes up and wants to quit, hates that he smokes, throws his pack away and then 6 hours later he buys a pack and finishes it that night. Or a gambler that has a dream of a buying a house spends his every penny every night, hates himself, goes home crying, cursing the casino or lottery, then the next day tries scraping every penny he has together so that he may try his luck again and over and over he fails to control himself. Years pass he is in debt and cannot figure out how he has made $100,000 and has nothing to show for it and his dreams, who he wants to be is crushed and destroyed. Or the girl that goes back to her boyfriend whom uses her only for sex, treats her horrible, she cannot seem to get away, she is not free to meet a good man, her soul is being destroyed and time is passing her by. A man addicted to porn, A drug addict, A girl who needs to get the attention of every man and on and on are the scenario.


You see so many of these things that steal from us are completely given the keys to our lives by us. We lack self control and therefore our flesh or our human nature runs the show and like an untamed and untrained animal we cannot help but chase the pray that runs past us. We look to God and do not realize his commands are for our good, because he loves us. We think his ways are boring, we do not trust his plan, we think the apple will give us life, yet it is found to be poison. We disobey and become trapped. We are a slave to our flesh and our flesh chases sin naturally, thus we never get to where our soul longs to be. Paul of the New Testament says “I do what I do not want to do and what I want to do I cannot do…who can help me? Jesus can help me.”  To know Jesus and what Jesus came to do to set us free is the only way out of this wretched whirlwind that people get lost in. The problem is that many of these people have heard or do believe in Jesus, they know the story, they believe the story, yet are still slaves.


I tell you this if we do not abide in Christ daily we will lose life. I tell you again if we do not seek out God daily through reading or hearing the Word of God, the character of who God is that is written in the Bible then we will forget. Your flesh is naturally headed for destruction from the time you entered this world, our nature is against God it is sinful, yet through knowing how wonderful, personal and powerful God is. Knowing his love through the person of Jesus Christ and that he has a plan, a future for us then we can begin to fight. And a fight is what it will be for the rest of our lives. Once again Paul of the New Testament says “ I beat my body into submission”. And we too must fight, because the other path is not what we were told or think it is. The path of doing what our flesh wants naturally is destruction, is pain, is misery, is a lie. The path of righteousness is peace. And I believe it was Vegetius, a writer of the Roman Empire who wrote “if you want peace, prepare for war”, for we must remember that if you plan to have peace, through righteousness and self control then you must conquer your flesh and this will mean war. A war that can only be won through abiding in Christ daily.” – Ethan Holub

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