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Wake up brothers and sisters wake up and learn love

June 20, 2011

“why do we argue over words??? Some people and pastors in the American church are becoming like the pharisees arguing and condemning each other over words, translations of the Bible and doctrine that does not have to do with Jesus. There seems to be a competition of who can find what and yell out a scripture and where to find it fastest. The winner becomes the authority and followed by the people, even when they do not know love. It seems glory, pride and knowledge are more valuable to us than love, humility and servanthood. Do we not remember the disciples were uneducated men that could not even read, yet they knew love. Not that it is bad or wrong to teach verse by verse, but no one in the Bible taught verse by verse or word by word. The TNK or Old Testament did not even have verses numbers and locations as we know it. Yet now we seem to condemn and judge any sermon that is not taught verse by verse. The Spirit of God may be moving, but the jealous Spirit, the yeast of the Pharisees rises up in our hearts and we judge and condemn whoever God is using. Do we not remember that knowing the Bible is not the same as knowing God, do we not remember that the devil knows the Bible better than most of mankind has ever known it. Do we not remember that the Word is to be written upon our hearts and without love we may have all the correct doctrines and the Bible memorized, but we are a clanging symbol, an annoying noise in the ears of man and God. Yet a man that knows God, knows Jesus, knows the Gospel and knows love, this simple man that knows love, is surely greater than the preacher who does not know love but knows everything else, all the correct answers. Do we not see that this was the pharisees? Jesus says “Do what they say but not what they do”. The greatest will be the servant of all, not the Pastor or Teacher that knows correct doctrine and answers. We are suppose to know Love, we are suppose to love our neighbors, yet Pastors condemn and judge each other because one understands the definition of “God Breathed” different than another, yet both believe the Bible is the Word of God. It makes me sick. I pray for repentance. And the outside world the non Christians see this and think we are crazy to say we follow Christ. We like to be known as the wise pastor, yet have so much pride, judgement and condemnation towards our brothers in Christ. Wake up you wicked men and women, repent for you preach and teach about Christ, yet you know him not, because there is no love in you for your neighbor or for your enemy. No love even for your fellow brother in Christ. You neither know Christ or understand what it mean to have the Word written upon your heart, it is written in your mind, but your fruit shows judgement, condemnation and pride. Your church may be packed out, yet in the end when the fire burns up and refines all that you have done, you will be found without love. Without love you have amounted to nothing.  I write not to condemn you but in hopes that you will awaken, repent, humble yourselves and learn about love. I also do not write to discourage anyone from studying and knowing the Word of God, but I remind you of this: that even the Devils know the Word of God. Without Love, hope and faith in and for Christ Jesus and your fellow human then even if you pastor the biggest congregation in the world it will be counted as nothing in the end. Learn Love, know Jesus, have the Word written upon your heart and your mind.” – Ethan Holub

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