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Beards, Dogs, Cats

June 27, 2011

“The other day I was on a business call in the Oakway Center courtyard and a little kid walked up and just stood there waiting patiently. I told the person on the phone i’d call them back and asked the him how I could help him. He just stared at me then said “Why do boys like beards and girls dont like beards?”. I laughed then thought for a second and said “Well I’m not an expert on the subject, but probably because guys think it looks tough and cool and girls think it looks weird”. He looked at me for a min then said “but girls like dogs and cats!” I thought about it and said “well maybe if boys give girls more attention than dogs and cats give girls and boys were to love girls as much as their dogs and cats love them, then girls would like boys with beards also”. He looked at me for a second, smiled and said “thank you” and then left. Then I thought “why is it that girls dont like beards??””  – Ethan Holub

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