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July 2, 2011

“My heart aches for the state of the Church. Where is love? So many burdens put on everyone. We measure our worth by how often we pray, study the Bible or can quote a scripture. We follow the sheep to whoever is the most popular speaker of the year. We are trying so hard to impress those who themselves are full of false humility and lost. Where are the lovers, the humble, those preaching Christ and Christ alone. Did Christ not love us first? Yes. Is there any religious act we can do to make him love us more? No. Cast off these burdens, put your lips upon his feet and worship him, for he loves you. Sing Praises to him. He will use the poor, he will bring forth words from the mouth of the uneducated, he will bring glory through those that have not been trained by man. He will rip away the glory from names and titled men and buildings and the glory will be cast upon Him, Jesus Christ. He will pass by the Experts of the law and lift up the humble, the servants, those who know how simple His message is. Lord bring glory to yourself. Let the church bear good fruit. My heart is broken. Teach us to Love. Teach us to be poor in Spirit and Humble. Teach us to truly know your love and rest in it. Teach us to be like you. I love you” – Ethan Holub

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