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A Father

July 10, 2011

“I am not yet a father, but I feel very strong that a good father should pursue and win his children’s hearts in the same way that a man pursues and tries to win his brides heart. A father should go out of his way and be a fool for love. A woman’s first 100 dates should be her father taking her out and building a foundation of what she should expect and have an example of how she should be treated by a man. A father should pursue his children and know their dreams, hopes, hobbies and passions. A father should give them advice and wisdom towards these dreams, hopes, hobbies and passions. A father should leave no room for his child to grow up insecure, undisciplined and roaming in the dark for love only to be consumed by the selfish wolves of this world. Most of these wolves never had a father themselves and that is the reason they have become what they are. If a father would be what a father was suppose to be then the world would not have a fraction of the legal, justice, immoral and insecure issues that shape, direct and destroy our culture, societies, families and churches. What a father is suppose to be is more courageous, wonderful and beautiful than a friend and more respected and feared than a police officer, because a father has been given and made the authority by God to rebuke, discipline, teach, go to bat and put His complete life on the line for his children to know, understand and experience true love, courage, faith and wisdom. A father will be accountable for his role in his children’s lives. A father must learn the powerful and beautiful position God has given him to love and be the Father of one of God’s most valuable possessions, one of God’s creations, a Child. A father must learn and then have Courage.” – Ethan Holub

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