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The Fifth Man

July 24, 2011

“One man is not sure if the Holy Spirit works like it did in Biblical Days so he tells people they must read and study the Bible verse by verse and leaves no room for anything too “crazy” or “foolish” to happen, quenching out Power the Holy Spirit might want to show today and now. Another man lets his fleshly desires mix with his spiritual desires and he thinks anything he feels is the Holy Spirit, thus many times grieving the Holy Spirit and misrepresenting God. The third man is afraid to make a step towards believing anything about how or what God might do today in the world so he steps down in fear and does nothing. The fourth man only seeks to please other men so he takes one of the first three and just follows and agrees without thinking it through himself. Where is the Fifth man?


So rare is the fifth man who sometimes teaches verse by verse, yet with great fear and love for God allows the Holy Spirit to teach and work in all power, “craziness” and “foolishness” that the Word may come in Power. This fifth man listens to the Holy Spirit that teaches him and shows him powerful revelations to share with the world, because the Holy Spirit is alive and well and wants to reveal God with and through the same kind of amazing stories that we have read about in the Bible. This man does not follow in the path of $10 Christian Theological Words, trying to categorize everyone into a box he can put a title on. This man has faith and believes God to work in and through him, while covering him with sufficient grace in every way he may may need it as he tries to follow God’s voice and leading. This man has confidence, will not sway and fears no man who may stand against him whether it is an unbeliever who tries to make him look foolish, a miseducated man of the church who was told any teacher who does not teach verse by verse is a lessor teacher, or told he is a lier or wolf because of another mans jealousy, etc, etc. This fifth man has more conviction and integrity than most of teaching the truth and knowing the scriptures in his heart as well as head. This fifth man does not hunger for glory or try to hang a false sense of worldly authority and burdens over his church in order to control and manipulate them. This fifth man does not weigh his worth by the size of his church, list of his achievements or status of his title. This fifth man wakes up daily and cries out for God to meet him and crush or lift him up so as long as he hears God’s small still voice. This man washes himself in the Word of God not only with the Bible but in the Spirit and in waiting on Christ daily to speak His Word to him. This man understands that the Word of God we have in the Bible is a taste of the full story of all that was and is and is to come, of which all could not be written upon every tree on earth if they were all made into paper. This fifth man understands his life and story matters and will or will not be part of the Book of Life and Story of God depending all on what he does with this life and if he comes to know God intimately. This man allows the Holy Spirit to be as alive and well as He was in Biblical days, yet fights and tests the Spirit and his flesh at every step as to not burden or grieve the Holy Spirit with anything that is of him as is not of God. This fifth man knows hope, knows faith, knows mercy and grace, knows about being a servant and knows love. This fifth man understands on so many levels that if it was not for Jesus Christ none of us and no one would stand a chance at Love and God. This fifth man understands the Cross and how the only chance he even has of being the fifth man is because of what happened upon that Cross. Thank you Jesus. Rain down your Spirit upon us. Show the World you are alive and well, let us experience the Word of God.”  – Ethan Holub

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