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A Warning from my previous post

July 27, 2011

“…just because I do not think what some leaders believe is true about authority, leadership and coverings, does not mean i do not believe in authority, leadership and coverings. This is how many people are misguided and manipulated. They demonize someone for not believing what they themselves believe, so that no one will spend the time to listen to what the other person has to say or teach, which may be a more sound doctrine or teaching, or may be complete truth… First of all let me make very clear that I do believe without a doubt in leadership, elders, pastors, deacons, etc, etc in the church. My problem is that what they were, how they acted, viewed themselves and how church was in the Bible is not what we usually have today…Remember it is very very likely we will get to heaven and realize we were wrong on some huge ideas, doctrines and theologies we spent our lives teaching. We must be careful not to follow others just because they are the ones to stand up and talk, but to follow the Word of God and those that not only teach it, but live it.” – Ethan Holub

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