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The Resolution

July 27, 2011

“ Both Scripture and statistics clearly communicate that there is no more influential person in the life of a child than his or her father.

A godless world will always attack and invert what God designs and values. The culture tells men that they don’t have permission to lead. But the culture is not and has never been your authority. God is.

When your kids are young, they don’t know who they are, what is right or wrong, or who is God. They don’t know how to live life. If dads don’t teach their kids the truth, then the world will teach them a lie. One of the key roles of a father, biblically speaking, is to help establish and reinforce the identity of his children. Kids will naturally go to their dads for answers to life’s questions. Who is God? Who am I? Am I loved? Am I a success? Do I have what it takes? What is my purpose in life?

Research indicates that one of the strongest predictors of a child’s performance in education is the involvement of the father.

When a little girl looks into the mirror, she needs to hear her father’s voice in her heart reminding her that she is beautiful and loved. As a result, girls with strong dads are much more likely to feel secure – and are much less likely to have eating disorders, identity issues, and become sexually active in their teen years. But millions of teenage girls auction away their priceless virginity every year for a pizza, a movie, and some on-the-spot flattery. Each of them hopes that somehow being held for a few minutes by a porn-addicted teenage boy with raging hormones will fill the dark canyon of love that her disengaged father has left aching inside her heart. And it never does.

It makes sense, then, why scripture states that God has a special place in His heart for two specific groups of people: fatherless children and widows. He even stated that pure and undefiled religion could best be described in terms of visiting and showing compassion to the fatherless and the widows in their “affliction”. What do fatherless children and widows have in common? The most important man in the leadership role of their lives is gone. More and more kids go to bed every night without their father in the home. The physical absence of fathers is now considered the most significant family and social problem facing America. The research is staggering. Prisoners, drug users, dropouts, runaways, and rapists all share something in common: the overwhelming majority of them come from homes without fathers.

If you want to get to the core of who people really are, get them to start talking about their dad. What he said to them and how he treated them will be very telling as to why they are the way they are.

It is in our hearts to deeply long for the approval of our father. And when we don’t get it, we tend to spend the rest of our lives working tirelessly to win the approval of others in an attempt to fill the intense void he has left. At the same time, when someone becomes bitter with his father, he will spend his life trying to prove his dad wrong. He will say, “I never want to be like my dad.” But either way, the dad is the focus of so much emotional energy in his life.

From the beginning, God created fatherhood with an eternal purpose: to reveal and represent Himself. God did not create human fathers, realize that we were like Him, and decide to call Himself our Father. On the contrary, He eternally existed as God the Father in heaven and intentionally created the role of fatherhood on earth to reveal who He is, the nature of His relationship with His Son, and what He is like as our heavenly Father.

All fatherhood comes from Him. Every human father is called to be a daily, physical representation of God to his children. It is the role of all fathers to introduce God to the next generation. When a child looks at his earthly father, he should be able to see the qualities of God. Like God, a father should be: a loving provider, a strong protector, a truthful leader, a respectable authority and an intimate friend. Most fathers don’t know this, so they are completely missing their priceless purpose. Though an earthly father is flawed, his likeness to the Father should be enough to instill in a child the proper fear and love for God. It is part of human nature to judge what we cannot see in light of what we can.

The word father means “founder, source, chief, or leader”. As our heavenly Father, God is the source from which other things come into being. The father of a nation, invention, company, or movement is the one who helped bring it into existence. And by God’s design, the seed of every person in existence always begins from within his or her father

If you want to know what God is like, then just look at Jesus. He represents His Father perfectly.”


– Stephen and Alex Kendrick “The Resolution for Men”

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