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July 28, 2011

“Why do I challenge leaders, teachers and pastors on their teachings and lives? Why will I always want iron to sharpen iron? Because I long for truth in every setting. The truth not a lie or fear will set you free. Jesus is the Truth. His Word is the Truth. No matter how brilliant, wise, studied, influential, intellectual you are, you are always in need of reformation and refining and sometimes a good solid, loving rebuke in areas of thought and life. Myself included and daily I seek it out by studying and talking with awesome men of God and also those who most strongly disagree with me, that I may grow stronger through through being challenged. But most importantly we must daily meet with God, be in awe of Him, cry out to Him, receive strength, recognize our weakness without Him, be grafted and connected to Him and His Word, worship and praise Him, our greatest strength lies in daily communing with Him. This is rare even in church leaders. Laziness seeks us out daily, our flesh attacks us daily, our pride stands up inside of us daily, our selfishness and ability to lose our path is all around us. The devil is hot on our trail and if we do not have challenges brought to us from our friends and enemies then we will in someway get lazy or lose our path. There is so much to constantly learn, relearn and receive as revelation in the Biblical Scriptures. I will always be critical of anything outside of God’s Word and I will challenge anything that contradicts God’s Word, but all in love and for the hope of seeing the Church arise so beautiful and ready for Him who is our Groom, Jesus Christ” – Ethan Holub

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