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Beautiful Hunger

August 2, 2011

“So lately a group of us have been going out to the lake, river or a park and just studying/Discussing/Q and A books of the Bible for like 5 plus hours. Its been awesome. I haven’t seen this kind of hunger from people in a long time. We are discussing topics and tearing though the Bible discussing answers all day without rest. It’s very exciting. Please find me on facebook and add topics to this list if anyone has more?


  • Sin that leads to death
  • The concept of covering and church authority, is it Biblical as it has been practiced in church History?
  • Church History from Jesus to 2011
  • Blasphemy towards the Holy Spirit
  • God, The Bible, Religion, Reason and Logic.
  • Science, the Bible and God always being truth.
  • Manipulation in teaching the scriptures
  • Cults
  • Pastors that manipulate sermons and the people
  • What do other world religions believe and what does Jesus and the Bible say about them?
  • Discussing the Trinity
  • Discussing the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus is he Liar, Lunatic or Lord?
  • What is Doctrine, Theology and Religion
  • End times
  • God’s Omnipresence vs His Presence
  • The blessing of Shame in this broken world
  • Church leaders as the Authority vs Scripture as the Authority
  • Did a perfect God create Evil?
  • How can loving God send anyone to eternal Hell?
  • What is Hell?
  • Age of the earth
  • The antichrist and the spirit of the antichrist
  • Dinosaurs Biblical?
  • Age of the Earth?
  • Micro vs Macro Evolution Biblical or unBiblical?
  • How did we come up with Jesus being fully God and Fully Man?
  • Church division and are we the only correct church in every way?
  • Errors in the Bible??
  • What is the Word of God?
  • Truth is truth??
  • What must you know to be saved??
  • Is the American Dream Biblical?
  • The very difficult teachings of Jesus
This Hunger is beautiful” – Ethan Holub


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