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Intro to Shame, more on the way…

August 2, 2011


“Shame is very tricky. On one hand it can make you feel like you want to change and then beat you back down when you think you can’t. At the same time without shame what would stop us from killing everything pure and beautiful that lives inside of our soul? We think of shame as a bad thing most of the time, but the reason we feel shame is because we believe in right and wrong. When we try to get rid of shame we are in the same way trying to get rid of right and wrong in a world that must have both. Once we have destroyed right and wrong in society, not only have we lied to ourselves, but there is no longer any since of worth. When there is no way to measure worth there is no reason to live. Without shame there is no doubt that everything in society will fall apart.” – Ethan Holub



“..shame was given to us as a guardian, not only of ourselves, but of our fellow human being” – Ravi Zacharias



“You show me a society without shame, and I will show you a society that is flirting with hell. You cannot, simply cannot, build a culture where nothing is shameful anymore” – Ravi Zacharias

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