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Studying or Living – pt 1

August 4, 2011

“I wish to have more time to study, but every time I sit to read one of the many books on my book list my mind wanders to service. I think of all the people I love and how I have so little time. I wrestle, is it better to study all day and teach about God, His love and the Word? Or is it better to fulfill what God, His love and His Word compel and tell my spirit to do? Do I teach His commands more or do I obey His commands? Yes I agree you can do both, but in all truth our time must be spent somewhere and studying can become an Idol. So I am stuck with what is the better of two beauties? Knowledge or Love? The Word of God says that all knowledge will disappear after this life, but those that shall remain are Love, Hope and Faith. As I long to study more, so that I may teach more. And as I try to manipulate myself into thinking this is for the best because how will they hear if no one tells them, and how will someone tell them if no one knows, and how will one know if one does not study? I remember a few simple truths.

The Gospel is simple, for the unlearned, the poor, for the Glory of God and not man, what is important does not need extensive studying. It is simple Good News.

Do what they say not what they do. The greatest experts on the Law, the Scriptures, the Word of God were called children of Satan because they only taught, but never did what they taught. They were full of knowledge, but absent, inside their hearts, of True and Real Love.

Lastly the Spirit of God inside me, His love compels me to have compassion on everyone. I do not desire to only hear the stories of old, but I long to experience the stories of now, of today. God is alive and well. God wants to show himself in the today and now. God is not Dead. If we step out in faith he will do and show himself alive in ways that stories of old cannot compete with. God is at work and looking for people who want to be used in the same ways as the Biblical Stories. The lost today must see His Glory, Must experience His Love, must Witness His Power and must be broken by His Presence. This rarely will happen in a three hour church service with a potluck, teaching and some feel good music. It can and it does in small or big doses, but what I am talking about is men and women compelled by the Presence of God into fasting, praying, crying, serving, giving up their time to get to know the lost, giving up their money to help their neighbor, giving up their lives to help someone else’s life be better. Love in Action, Love in Action, Love in Action. We have so little time and so many people hurting, lost and dying. What they are in need of is not more knowledge about Him, but they are in need of Him. This will also be the biggest sorrow as we pass on from this life to the next, for many people. How many people knew all about God, taught and preached His Word, even did works of love in His name, started great churches and ministries, but did not know God personally.

I beg you and I push myself to put the books down more often and get alone with Him more often. Getting off Facebook and getting on my face. Stop texting and getting in the Text. Instead of spending more time memorizing scriptures, spend more time talking to Him. Instead of leading more teachings and Bible Studies walk with Him and let The Holy Spirit speak and compel you to be used in action, love, service and power, praying, believing, hearing His Voice and living out His Word, Words and Will in the today and know. Knowledge is nothing without love in action and knowledge of God is nothing without knowing God. Know the difference between His Omnipresence and His Presence.” – Ethan Holub

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