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August 10, 2011

“From my youth and as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, God has put on my heart to never ask anyone for money for my self. To walk with Him, follow Him, serve Him and not even think about where to find my wants and needs. God has put it on my heart to trust him and he will provide whatever I need when I need it. This has been an awesome experience for almost 15 years now of serving Him. The question rages on between my family, friends, loved ones, pastors, brothers and sisters in the Lord: Is it wise to for me to save money?

Right off the bat we would all say “Heck Yes it is”, but I am challenged by the conviction in my heart. First off God has put it on my heart to trust Him completely every day. Usually things run smooth, but when something falls apart and I need extra money to put things back together, it is nice to have it in the bank. I would say 29 out of 30 days I do not need more than I have for today, but that one day that I need money can cause some stress, if it is not in the bank. Once again should I or should I not save money excessively? I am not talking about having some money in the bank, I am talking about storing up savings in the bank, because you hope to sit back and do nothing once you have enough, while brothers and sisters in the church are not able to meet todays needs and are suffering.

Most people think this is a no brainer. I was raised at a young age to start saving, open a bank account, prepare for college, braces and a car. This was wisdom in my family. This would be the difference between a lower and middle class life. Thinking ahead, etc, etc. This is what a Good Christian should do. Work hard and Save.

Here though is my heart: God tells us to trust Him every day, God tells us he will provide for us every day, He will take care of us more than the flowers dressed in all their majesty, more than the birds of the air.

God also tells us if we see a brother in need to meet his needs. God tells us not to be like the man who stores up all his hay in the barn and then sits back and says now I can rest and not have to worry about tomorrow.

I find when I store up my hay in my barn I rarely have a need for it at the present time and it is just sitting there for whatever moment may arise in the future. It seems to be sitting there for no reason, while my brothers in need struggle daily beside me. Or it sits there so that when I am found wanting, I may buy something luxurious that I do not need.  When a moment arises where I need something I do not have to get on my knees and cry out to God, because my barn is full. I just take out what I need and bypass trusting God daily. Is it not storing up treasures on earth when we just put our money away for “safe keeping” aka savings?

I wonder if we are in fact bypassing having to rely on God daily because we do not really believe God is that personal, God is that loving and/or God is that involved with our, with my life?

Some people have big problems with this mindset, they will feel convicted and judged, because they believe they are trusting God and this over abundance of wealth they save is in fact His provision. I am not saying they are wrong, I am not saying it is not His provision. Yet this is my response to those that truly do believe God is personal, loving and involved with their life:

True wisdom is to obey, love, trust and fear God. To abide in him daily and trust in His Goodness, His character for their daily bread (physically and spiritually).

God tells us He is our daily bread, He is our provider, He cares and wants us to trust, confide, spend time with Him and rely on Him daily and He will provide us with our daily bread (physically and spiritually).

How can we say we love our brothers and sisters, yet not help them when they are in need and while our barns have more than we need for the month, week, day, hour? We are to love them as ourselves. We are to put them before ourselves. We are to give them our lives as Christ loved us by giving us His Life, for both our neighbor and our enemy.

If we trust God and if we know people who are in need, then why would we not clear out our barns everyday to meet each others needs. If God is real, trustworthy, loving and involved in our lives then why would we not trust Him for tomorrow, tomorrow? Will he not take care of us tomorrow as he did today?

What I am saying is hopefully very clear. If we make $20 per day or $10,000 per day we should give to our brothers and sisters in need. Give to our neighbors. Trust God and know He will keep your barn full and over flowing. Do not live for tomorrow, but live for today, both for yourself and your neighbor. Let God show you He is alive and well. Let God show you that he is really personal, loving and involved. Fear, Trust and Love God in action not just in thought. This is the difference between true wisdom and wisdumb. Taste and see that the Lord is alive and good.” – Ethan Holub

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