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Amazing Grace

September 14, 2011

“If the consequence of telling on ourself is the same consequence as getting caught, then we will wait to get caught every time.

The beauty of Mercy and Grace is that not only do we “not receive” the punishment we deserve, but we do receive blessings that we “do not deserve”.

You and I receive this Mercy and Grace from God, through Faith in and because of the Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

You and I confess to God our sinful hearts and God counts our punishment or payment for our sin as the payment Christ (although He was innocent) made for our sin on the Cross.

Being innocent of sin, He (Jesus) received the punishment for our sin and took on God’s justice, judgement and wrath.

You and I receive freedom from sin, death, and God’s Justice, wrath and judgement.

You and I become restored to God.

You and I are able to walk with, talk with, know and love God intimately, as was God’s original desire with humanity

And you and I receive eternal life.

Although the sin of humanity, that was caused by the sin of Adam (original sin), is washed away because of your faith in Christ Jesus, you still must battle your flesh because of the sins that will try and keep you from living for Christ.

Because of our Faith in Christ Jesus, you and I then begin a processes of sanctification that will last our whole lives.

The Holy Spirit will guide us and convict (not condemn) us of what sin/sins we are held captive by.

We then wrestle with ours flesh to allow the Holy Spirit to free us from these sinful habits and desires

Sin must lose its power for us to have freedom.

and sin loses its power when it is revealed and confessed, because of Jesus Christ.

We should be able to come to one another and reveal our own sin to one another, so that we may become free of it

If we want freedom from the sin that destroys us we must reveal it.

To reveal it we must have people that love us and that are trustworthy.

People of Jesus, people that have Jesus in them through and through.

This is why if we want healthy Church we must be willing to be truefaced instead of two faced with each other.

And also be people that are like God and are willing to be protectors of each others names, trust, relationships and love.

We must be people that will protect and guard each other.

We must Understand the depth of the trust, power and love that is being given to you when brothers and sisters confide in you and tell you all they have gone through and are going through.

We must be like Christ when others come to confess the areas of sin they are afraid to share and are in need of accountability.

If the consequence of telling on yourself is the same consequence as getting caught, then we will wait to get caught every time.

This is where mercy and grace show their power, in Christ.” – Ethan Holub

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