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Pilot Me

October 7, 2011

Sorry I have been so busy it is very difficult to manage three blog sites, three facebooks, twitters, etc, etc on top of teaching, studying, serving, spending time with so many people and following Jesus. Most of you know cause throughout the week I see you, but this blog I will hopefully get back to at some point, but so much good stuff, God stuff is happening =-) that it is one of my last priorities to run all these sites. Thank you for understanding. My main blog I will still be on regularly, but spending time loving people and what God is doing must take priority over twitter, wordpress and facebook. Love you all and see most of you throughout this week.” – Ethan Holub

“I will arise and follow you over
Savior please, pilot me

Over the waves and through every sorrow
Savior please, pilot me

When I have no more strength left to follow
Fall on my knees, pilot me

May your sun rise and lead me on
Over the sea’s, savior pilot me

O’ Lord” – Josh Garrels

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