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Matthew Chapter 1

October 18, 2011

The genealogy of Jesus is the last one given in the Bible, here and in Luke 3:23-28. Although the Genealogy here is important and documented by Matthew the important thing is not your first birth but your second birth (John 3). Matthew reminds us that even while the Israelites were in exile and slavery in Babylon there is still a clear record of Genealogy that was kept very close to the hearts of the people not only personally but historically. Genealogies were important in Judaism because land rights were appointed to families in Israel and because certain offices, such as priest and king, were inherited from father to son.

The purpose of Matthews genealogy is to show the lineage of Jesus all the way back to Abraham, the father of the Jewish race and ministering to the audience of Matthews Gospel, the Jewish people. This is believed to be his father Joseph’s genealogy and it shows Joseph’s lineage through David’s Son Solomon. In Luke 3:23-38 Jesus’s genealogy is recorded from Adam to Jesus and through David’s son Nathan. This genealogy is believed to be the lineage of Mary the mother of Jesus. This ministers to the Gentiles, as Adam is the father of all people(s) and Luke’s ministry was beside the Apostle Paul, of whom was ministering to the Gentiles. This also goes to show that Jesus was indeed “in the line” or lineage of David both on His mother and Fathers side. These genealogies do not prove Jesus as Messiah, but they show everyone that according to prophecy Jesus is a possible candidate. His identity as the Messiah is confirmed in many other scriptures such as Matthew 11:2-6.

This genealogy seems to be a boring list of hard to remember names, yet it is actually the record of God’s working throughout space and time to bring His Son to earth. God ruled and overruled and fulfilled His great promises. He used the rich, poor, gentile, jew, educated and non educated to bring Jesus into this World. In Matthews genealogy of Jesus he shows us God’s grace and redemption of those considered unworthy by including women of low worldly standing such as Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba in His plan to bring Jesus into the world. God has no favorites (Galatians 2:6) and all people, no matter what your past has in it, who love and know God may be used for His Glory in His great plan of gathering all people(s) into His Family and under the Headship of Jesus Christ. Jesus is not only the end result but the beginning also. To know and love God is only possible through accepting Jesus Christ as the savior of humanity and your personal savior, who took our sins upon Himself so that we may be free from the bonds and penalty of death and sin, free to know and love God, but only because He knows and knew, loves and loved us first.

The birth of Jesus was not like any other. He was conceived not by a man having sexual intercourse with a woman, but by the power of the Spirit of God Mary became pregnant and because of this Jesus was born with a sinless nature. He is “God with us”, and He is also God like us because He took our nature and entered into human life and experience.

Notice how Joseph was going to protect Mary’s name and life by divorcing her quietly. Being engaged to be married and being unfaithful to your fiance was the same punishment as adultery, punishable by death. Even before Joseph knew that it was God who put Jesus in Mary’s womb he chose to protect her. Protect her name and life. “Love always protects.” How rare is that today? When we are wronged or hurt we want to expose whomever hurt us, first for revenge and secondly so we may receive pity from everyone, as we consider ourselves the victim. True love protects, when we are wronged and when we love the person we should protect their life and name just as God has done this with us because of His grace, mercy and love shown through the Good News of Jesus Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection.

He existed before Mary and is eternal, without a beginning or end, thus Jesus was not only born, but He “Came into the world” (John 18:37). He is both God and man, the sinless Lamb of God (1 Peter 1:19). Matthew opens and closes his book with “God with us” (Matt 1:23; 28:20).

What we have in Matthew 1 is the God of all things, the only living God, coming down to humanity here on earth to show us a living example of who He is, His character, power, love, mercy and grace.

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