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Is it all of Humanity?

July 11, 2012

Is it all of Humanity? 

“Some people think that old people and babies are more saintly than the rest of us, but that is only because one group has yet to gain the physical ability to sin and the other is losing it, but both by nature have been separated from God.

Remember that no one is born innocent, we all stand guilty of sin, because sinful and selfish nature runs through our blood from birth, as a descendant of Adam and Eve. It is not that we have a moment where we consciously do something evil or selfish and all of a sudden sin and therefore are in danger of Hell. But instead It is in our being as being a human. In existing and being a human the stakes are so high and serious, more than we could ever imagine, but the gift available to each of us as humans is free, bigger than all the treasures upon and in this earth, though this gift must be accepted.

This seriousness has everything to do with simply being a man or woman. To be born means you are either a candidate as a possible son or daughter of God or a possible candidate for eternal separation from God and separation from all creation that is of and from God. To be born means eventual surrender to God and receiving His free gift and covenant of eternal life through Jesus dying on the cross for our sins or an everlasting divorce from God. Regardless of ones belief in God or spirituality this is a very serious situation all humanity is in by being born, but the answer, the salvation, the good news is free and comes simply by believing in what God has done in Jesus Christ and accepting God’s covenant of unconditional love through and in Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross.

You must understand that God has set apart all judgement of humanity for one day in the future when Jesus returns. He looks upon you and me in love and hope that we will accept His gift of Life, that is in fact Christ as our Lord, Savior, King, God and Friend. On that day Jesus will return to take those who are dead and alive in Him into His eternal kingdom, meaning those who trusted in His work done upon the cross and that He, Jesus, is Lord, Savior and King. On that day your good deeds and bad deeds will not be of any worth, but simply did you put your trust in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, that was Himself, His own life as a payment for your sinful nature as being a human. We must all see that the wages or payment for sin, that is in our nature regardless of anything we do or do not do, is death. But the free gift of God available to anyone and everyone who is human is eternal life. Eternal life is to know God intimately, through Jesus Christ. 

My cry for humanity is to be set free from sins grasp on your existence and accept God’s love and payment for your life. Receive this grace and mercy that brings wholeness and gives you fulfilling love, purpose and meaning.

God has given mankind life and life eternal, through Jesus Christ, so please for the Love of God, who is your creator, accept Him who loves you and might I say that He loves you more than you love yourself. So imagine His plans and dreams for you, because you and I we all love ourselves a lot and put all of our efforts into our life being good and better, but He Jesus Christ the only true living God and King loves us even more than we love ourselves. Awaken humanity and see the life that is at your door, waiting for you to grasp it.” – Ethan Holub

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  1. Tauna Nelson permalink
    July 11, 2012 3:12 am

    Ssooooo good. Coming home from camp this was great to read with my girls. Especially the ones that are still unsure about trusting God with their lives. Thanks for sharing this man!

  2. Lyn Cogswell permalink
    July 11, 2012 5:28 pm

    Ethan, thanks for the reminder that people’s eternal destinies are at stake! We are first and foremost spiritual beings housed in our current earthly bodies for only a short time, and the enemy seeks continually to distract us from this sobering truth. Your message brings me back to God’s perfect balance of character–both love and accountability. Too much emphasis in one direction or the other (think “cheap grace” or “legalism”) distorts God’s nature and His incredible gift of salvation. My prayer today is that the Lord will help us see each person we meet today through His eyes, not our fleshly ones. I appreciate you, brother!

  3. Dan permalink
    July 11, 2012 5:30 pm

    Great post, Brother! May we all turn from trying to make something of our lives and of this world, and receive and walk in the life of Christ that is really life!

    [I thought this was gonna be a post about abortion and euthanasia, as in (your first line): “Some people think that old people and babies are more saintly than the rest of us, but…” are nevertheless willing to end their lives if caring for them becomes too burdensome or inconvenient. Lord, forgive and heal us!]

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