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A man is nothing unless he learns love

October 13, 2013

A man or woman is nothing unless he/she learns love

Love is not thinking about someone every moment of every day, Love is not wanting them all the time and needing to be around them, Love is not the giddy feeling you have  while in their presence or when thinking about them, love is not just feelings and emotion. Love is not poetry. Love is not sex. Love is not physical attraction. Love is not a crush. Love is not selfish, insecure or sitting around doing nothing, love is not promoting yourself at the expense of others hard work. Love is not Lazy. Love is not keeping a record of wrongs committed towards you and using them as arrows to crush someone else, Love is not rejoicing in your heart when someone else fails or is wrong, Love never looks for or finds someone better. Love never gives up or tries to find an excuse to give up. Love is not something you can fall into. Love is not being “in love”, Love is not for those who choose to be selfish in life. Love never abuses or curses. Love never Screams or Yells. Love never intimidates. Love is not something you can say without actions. These things are all for the weak and selfish of heart. 


We have been lied to by the movies, TV, books and by the leaders of our culture, those who try and direct our culture. The creators of false hopes and lies. The Blind leading the blind down a slippery path of confusion, destruction, heartbreak and broken covenants. These things they call love are by definition called obsession, desires and/or lusts. 


Love is taking responsibility for and serving someone else every moment of every day no matter how you feel or whose fault it is, Love is commitment no matter the situations or circumstances, Love is putting action to your poetry, love is holding your tongue when you have been wronged. Love you can never fall out of. Love is enduring pain and suffering for someone else to have peace. Love is to provide Spiritually, Emotionally, Parentally and Financially for those around you, most importantly your children and spouse. Love is hard work for someone else’s benefit. Love is being patient in action and words, while believing for a change of heart. Love is saying no to the giddy feelings you have towards those who are not your wife or husband, Love is something from the Will and for the Strong so that they can be a rock that others can count on and stand on. Love gets excited in your heart when others succeed and have victories. Sex should be the offspring of real love. Love perseveres through ALL things. Love is stronger than an army and any weapon. Love is you dying to your self, your selfish desires so that you can take responsibility for someone else, bearing their burdens and helping them learn to carry their weight in life along with the burdens of those around them also. Love is joy and blessings in the darkest of dark and also the most beautiful of lights. Love is only for the selfless. Love is better than gold, money, power and titles. Love has more power than any gold, money, power or title.


The grass is never greener on the other side, it is greenest wherever and whenever you water it and if you do not know how to love, by definition, then you will kill the green grass wherever you go.


What is a man if he does not learn love? He is Nothing at all.


May I learn to love you all =-)

Dedicated to my Amazing wife Christine Holub – Ethan Holub

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  1. gordon armstrong permalink
    October 14, 2013 1:03 pm

    Assured Honesty Reality

    I Love Ya & I Like Ya Too:)

  2. Rachael Erickson permalink
    October 15, 2013 3:39 pm

    Thank you, Ethan! I like the analogy of the watered grass. Wherever we are, whatever position we hold, loving in this manner will reflect the light of Christ! I would like to understand how to love others within my reach like this.

  3. Gordon Armstrong permalink
    October 16, 2013 5:07 am

    Sharing is healing and NAMI is sharing through In Our Own Voice clients tell thier personal testimonies
    of stigma discrimanation profileing stereotyping and other preconcieved misconciptions.
    thankyou again
    541 913 4389

  4. Mary Cross permalink
    October 18, 2013 12:53 pm

    Very true, Ethan! And you do have a very beautiful caring wife to dedicate it to!

  5. Gordon Armstrong permalink
    October 24, 2013 8:27 am

    Love Of Life
    Life Of Love

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