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When you react to error you almost always create another error.

December 1, 2013


 There are many ways of error, but I see two dead end roads followers of Christ often wander down and get destroyed by error. One is Error by abuse: when a person proclaiming Christ is living a double life and then it is finally exposed and the other is Error in the misuse of scripture.


Error by abuse:

People ask me how I can believe Jesus Christ is God when this christian or that pastor beats his wife or has a sexual relationship outside of marriage, completely miss representing Christ. These errors make men who loved the church never surround themselves with the church again because they felt so foolish for following a hypocrite. The Error of one man and the reaction of another is also an error. 


Or they might say look at all the wars christians have started or been part of throughout history, how can one believe in this Christ as God and good? What we must look at is the essential teaching of what Christ says, not at the abuses of Christ’s followers or self proclaimed followers, and then we judge the religion or leader of that religion from the perspective of their essential teachings. The question should be what do we see Jesus Christ doing and saying?  Is taking up the sword in the name of Jesus to promote Christianity consistent with what Jesus affirmed? We could also ask the same of Islam, Hinduism, Atheism, and the list goes on, millions have been killed under the banner of each belief system. Is it in the teachings and character or Christ? This is the correct question we should be asking when we see these kind of errors.


So the problem goes back to error, not in Christian scripture but by men and women proclaiming they follow a religion. We cannot judge a belief system by its abuses, but only by the essential teachings and life of it’s founder(s).


Error in misuse of scripture:

The Bible has so much to say, so many metaphors and parables, it is an easy target for a deceived or self-promoting man to abuse. I see men and women write about ideas and theologies they feel are brilliant because they found a verse that somewhat affirms their thoughts. Just because you or someone can find a verse or two that you believe defines your doctrine or theology does not mean it is correct. Satan did this to Jesus and still does it now in hearts and minds of men, he takes a verse or two from the Bible and tries to draw away, those who do not know the scriptures and get them to believe lies. 


Doctrines such as “there being no hell”, “that we are all equal to Jesus and we are gods”, “that you must only baptized in the name of Jesus, not in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit”, “That the Gospel is more than Jesus”, “That having money, bank accounts full, nice things, big house, nice car, etc… is a result of a pure life before God.” and the list of lies goes on, as men find verses to stretch and manipulate what they want to hear. This is error, it is called “Twisted Scripture” and it hides itself as an angel of light. We must be careful and humble, making sure we balance scriptures, teaching and understanding them in context.


The kicker is that these are only two tactics of error, out of many, that not only confuse people about Jesus, but can crush someones pursuit of truth. It is not only the error that is the problem, but when someone finally realizes they have been following a phony this whole time or that the doctrine they thought was solid, was actually a lie, and then they react. The reaction is usually another error, they swing from one side of the pendulum to the other. Instead of coming to Christ and the simplicity of what God has revealed to us, The Gospel, they react and end up in another error.   


 When you react to error you almost always create another error. 

These are only a few examples of the lies out there. We must read the Bible thru and thru and seek God out. Humbly asking questions and learning from men and women who have walked with God, standing strong and solid in their faith through the test of time, and whose lives and marriages bear the fruit of the spirit of God. 


We must beware of error and then if we realize we believed an error be careful not to react in a new error.

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  1. gordon armstrong permalink
    December 2, 2013 6:28 am

    Right aint no grave
    Going hold JESUS down

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