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Its one thing to love your beloved, but its another thing to love your enemy and make them your beloved.

July 2, 2014

We, humans, have no clue how evil we truly are.

We are worse than we ever feared and more loved than we have ever hoped or dreamed. This should make us bow low in worship and jump high for Joy.

Love does not equal tolerance. One of the greatest follies of our culture today is to think love equals tolerance. We want to be able to be selfish, live for ourselves, not change and still have everyone love and serve us as we are, forever. We think we deserve it because we are human. Self help and self love is self delusion. We cannot escape death and sin on our own from within ourself.

But God loves us humans, more than we ever dreamed.

God starts with tolerance, come as you are and however you are, but real love quickly moves from tolerance to transformation. It is impossible to love God and not be transformed by God, to become like and desire to be more like Him. Anyone whom you love you will become more like. If you are not being transformed then you have not known or misunderstood His love.

Its one thing to love your beloved, but its another thing to love your enemy and make them your beloved.

This is the Glory of God to all of creation: that His love and who He is is so different, powerful, great and awesome that He took us, His enemies as we were, and loved us so perfectly that we become His beloved. We change. Now we have been transformed and our desire is only for Him, God the Lord and Savior of all existence.

We become like Him, because of Him and for Him and this is also for us, because we become one with Him, united and His beloved.

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