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Thrown out Authority

January 12, 2016

Each one of us when we are born is given a measure of authority. Part of that authority throughout our life is financial: each dollar we receive and then spend throughout our lives. Part is influential: who we choose to follow or be like, dress like, etc… We are super upset about the 1% in America that has 40% of the wealth, but they continue to have it because we give them it. Every time you watch a movie, go to a football game, watch a game, download the latest album, get an iPhone, buy some new pants, take Uber, get a credit card, watch cable, pop pills, buy weed, drink beer/liquor, use google, buy from amazon, post on Facebook, play a video game, etc, etc you are choosing to give your financial and influential authority in exchange for a temporary fix of entertainment and it’s going to the 1-10%.

There are things like crazy water and electric bills, insurance companies and the like that charge way more than needed to and we are legally obligated to pay/use their services. But most of the problems do not completely stand because of unjust systems, but because of a culture of people that want to exchange their wealth for products that do not reproduce wealth back, but simply entertain. Then after we give it away we now want the product and our money back.

We want free, we deserve it, we have the right to it, and to not work or have responsibility, but be entertained always for free. We want to be king of life with hard working servants that give to us. We want exactly what the 1% have. We are hypocrites.

You may say “I have grown up super poor and had nothing ever”. Ok let’s talk about the poor real quick. Now I’m talking about American poor here, not countries that have extreme poverty. For instance the average street peddler in my city make $150-200 on a full day of standing on the corner, tax free cash. I know this cause I know these guys and talk with them, plus there are also stats some students have done over the years. These friends of mine say they will usually do about 4-6 hours 4 or 5 times per week of standing on a street corner with a sign. I drove taxis here in Lane County for 2 years and I would talk with these guys/girls street peddling for money and many of them spend 80% or more on video poker, alcohol or drugs and choose to sleep on the street and use the free city or church services available to them for food, bed and clothing. On the low scale that’s $31,200 per year for not having a job or boss or anything. On the high scale $52,000 per year cash and tax free. Given away to the state lotto, owners of alcohol companies or drug dealers.

For those of us that are not street peddling we give our dollars to many luxuries that end up in that top 1-10% pockets. We spend about 50-80% of our money on things we do not need. How then do we solve the 1-10% of the wealth problem, if we are actually part of the problem?

So our options….

1- Pass laws that make these rich people, who start, create and own these services that entertain us and make us look cool or pretty, give us the money back that we have given to them.

Downside: this has happend through history and always ends up really bad, with a society in ruins and run by people that have no clue what they are doing, jobs dissappear and everyone is jobless and government gets overthrown, lots of people die, things have to reboot until a democracy starts up again with smart people who know how to build economy and the same people who were hated a generation ago are praised for building the new future that was torn down by their parents. It usually turns out the guy who lead the whole rebellion and talked the nation into it was just bitter and mad and actually didn’t have a plan.
Also it is a fact that Socialism and communism do not work no matter how equal they make everything seem in theory. It’s a theory that has never worked.
Plus it’s just wrong to buy something then force someone to give you more of their wealth because you want your money back after you took something they sold you or the experience you paid for is over.

2 – we go deeper down this rabbit hole and keep buying and complaining and obsessing over ourselves until we are depressed and lost beyond imagination. We eventually owe the 1-10% our lives because of the debt we obtained when we bought into their advertisements and continue to have just enough entertainment to keep us in a slight coma throughout life.

3 – we learn to control ourselves, live simple, buy local, be self controlled, garden, create, not be found wanting or needing everything, make our own music instead of buying it, create an idea or business and run it with honesty and integrity, seek God, treat each other well, treat employees well, spend time with each other instead of on the phone, ap, tv, video game, basketball game, etc,, create and cultivate creation and serve one another with our time and resources. Choose not to give all of our authority and money away.
Sounds like a pipe dream? Maybe, but it’s an awesome sound way of living life abundantly, but takes time, change, work and effort to be aware of how you can throw away your authority or create and cultivate glory, love, legacy, family, intimacy, friendship, life, ideas, peace, rest, etc, etc and it takes the love and power of God. The real God, not a man made idea or superstition.

But if you don’t care that you are giving your money and authority away then don’t complain, break the laws or change the laws to get it back from whomever you gave it to in exchange for whatever it was you wanted.

Peace to you


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  1. January 12, 2016 9:23 pm

    I’m in favor of option 3! God bless you, Ethan 🙂

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